Mandalas Symbolism and Color Meanings

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In a word, Mandalas translates to “circles” in Sanskrit. Although there are many shapes within it has a round, concentric structure. In this article, we will be talking about mandalas: how to use them, the meaning behind mandalas, and the psychology behind their colors.

Photo by Swati H. Das on Unsplash

Symbolism of Mandalas

Basically, the balanced elements of the mandala represent unity and harmony. Similarly, mandalas also symbolize psychic and cosmic order. Also, they encourage peace between the mind, body, and soul; some associate them with higher consciousness. Furthermore, a mandala can be seen as hypnotic; letting the creative mind go wild, while the analytical part of your brain takes a snooze.

How to Use a Mandala

A mandala can be a useful tool for mindfulness and meditation. Firstly, clear your mind. Secondly, select a mandala to focus on. Lastly, let yourself get lost in the beauty and intricate design. Occasionally, the mind can wander. From time to time if you feel your mind wander realign your attention to the beauty your mandala. All in all this practice can be done in 2-10 minutes. Moreover, you may set a timer if you’d like or just take your time.

Color Meanings (Infographic)

*Infographic by Thuy-Linh Phan*

  • Red: anger, energy, hunger, immediacy, passion.
  • Orange: attraction, happiness, health, individualism, thirst, wealth, youth.
  • Yellow: attention, cheer, childish, energy, freshness, optimism.
  • Green: balance, environmentally-friendly, envy, jealousy, restful, soothing.
  • Blue: calm, faith, natural, power, smart, stable, trust-worthy.
  • Purple: arrogance, creativity, luxury, mysterious, royal, sadness.
  • Brown: conservative, dogmatic, earth, friendly, longevity, outdoors.
  • Pink: caring, emotional, love, sensitive, sympathetic, sexuality, tenderness.
  • Silver: glamourous, graceful, high-tech, sleek.
  • Gold: prosperity, traditional, wealth, valuable.
  • Black: bold, elegance, evil, mystery, power, rich, strength.
  • White: clean, easy, fresh, goodness, innocence, purity.

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