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On the Nightstand

**** Originally Published  By Verykemi ****

27 year old Thuy-Linh (pronounced twee-lin) is from Connecticut. She is a Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger and a small business office manager. Check out her instagram @honeybunnytwee and blog (!

Healthy skin, healthy life – Thuy-Linh

What does skincare mean to you?

Skincare means self-care and self-love to me. Healthy skin, healthy life.

Tell us about your skin and your skincare routine.

In the morning I have a five-step skincare routine. I start by using a cleanser, then toner, serum, moisturizer, and finally SPF. 

In the evening I use seven skincare products. First, an oil cleanser, then a foaming cleanser, toner, face mask (1-2 times a week), serum, moisturizer, and lastly, face oil. 

I occasionally switch up brands when I run out of the product, but I make a conscious effort to buy cruelty-free beauty and skincare only. 

What is one product you can’t live without?

In regards to skincare, I cannot live without moisturizer. It’s an essential part of my daily skincare routine in the morning and at night.

Can you let us in on a skincare tip you swear by? 

This comes right from my mom, “Always wear SPF and take care of your skin now while you’re young or you’ll regret it later.”

What is a bad skin day for you? 

A bad skin day for me is when I make a beauty mistake that causes me to break out. For me, this would be going to sleep without removing my makeup, not putting on SPF, not staying hydrated enough, and eating junk food and dairy (this for some reason always triggers my acne).

What would you do if you only had 5 minutes to get ready? 

Definitely my eyebrows. I joke with my friends about this all the time, if nothing else I need to “put on” my eyebrows. Eyebrows change the entire expression of your face.

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