7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You

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Skincare. Some say it’s all rubbish, others swear by its transcendental powers. The skincare industry is worth billions, its economy booming larger as the years go by. There are hundreds, even thousands, of skincare companies who all promise you that your skin will be improved when you use their products. But making your skincare routine work for you is far more than just buying the most expensive brand you can find, or following what your favourite Instagram influencer tells you.

Shopping for beauty brands can be overwhelming; with so many ingredients, components, routines and brands to choose from, it can become a headache. The truth is, there’s no one thing that works for everyone! Skincare, like everything else, is about personal circumstances. Here are seven easy steps to ensuring your skincare works for you. 

7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You

7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You
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1. Have your skin type analyzed

You can do this yourself with online surveys, or you can visit a dermatologist to analyze your skin type for you. Your ‘skin type’ doesn’t refer to your skin color, it refers to the constitution of your skin. Some skin is naturally dry and flaky; others naturally more oily; most are somewhere in between the two! Knowing what skin type you have helps you to pinpoint the products you should use. 

If you use the wrong type of product for your skin type, the product can actually make your skin worse. Using a cleanser designed for oily skin types if you have fair, dry skin, for example, can strip your skin of its essential oils and increase your skin problems. Knowing your skin type is essential before you invest in skincare products.

2. Finding the source of your acne

Many people, men and women, young and old, experience acne. If you suffer from acne, you’ll know that this pesky thing can affect your self-esteem, and getting to the bottom of the problem can take a long time. Some acne can be caused by diet, others by hormones, others by the environment. There are many great products for acne-prone skin, but finding the best one for you can take some research. There are face maps available to see the location of your acne, and what it might be caused by if found in that location. 

For example, many skincare brands sell products containing tea tree oil for acne-prone skin. Finding answers about tea tree oil for acne can be hard – does it make things worse? Does it clear up your acne? Doing some research into the type of acne you have can answer some of these questions.

3. The price doesn’t always reflect the quality

Skincare prices have an enormous range. The cheapest skincare can be the price of a latte, whereas the most expensive skincare on the market goes into the hundreds of dollars for one product alone. Luckily, you don’t have to go into debt or re-mortgage your house to have clear, beautiful skin.

There are companies emerging in recent years that promise affordability, with good quality ingredients. Companies such as The Ordinary and Beauty Pie do not splash out on fancy packaging or expensive PR; instead, they focus on the products, simply presented, and affordable for everyone. Researching into the best quality ingredients and the companies that use them is the first step to matching your budget to your needs.

7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You
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4. Matching your ethics

Many people do not just consider their skin type or the price of the products, but the ethical practices of the company, too. More and more, animal testing and the use of animal products in skincare are going out of fashion; these are being replaced by ethically manufactured products which still make your skin look great. 

There are many hidden ethical dilemmas to beauty companies. Did you know that some lipsticks contain whale blubber? Dig deep into the world of beauty, and you’ll find many skeletons in the closet. If animal cruelty and veganism are something you’re invested in personally, there are compilations of beauty companies that are committed to ethical practices. 

7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

5. Staying loyal – or not

A common term among influencers nowadays is ‘brand loyal’. ‘Brand loyal’ means that a person would only use skincare from a certain brand that they trust. While this approach works for some people, for most, trying new brands and companies regularly gives them the best chance of finding the perfect product.

Some experts even say that switching up your skincare regularly can be beneficial to your skin. If your skin gets ‘used to’ a product, the effects of the product might not be as visible after a while. So switch it up, and try new things!

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6. Shopping in Person

Once you become somewhat of a skincare expert, buying skincare online might work. Knowing the ingredients your skin likes, or doesn’t like, means that you can examine product descriptions from the comfort of your couch, without having to try them in person. However, if you’re new to the skincare world, online shopping probably isn’t for you. 

Not only does shopping in person allow you to try out the testers at the beauty stand, but the employees of reputable skincare companies are also very knowledgeable. They can tell you the products available with that brand that are most suited to your skin type and routine. Some brands even have trained facialists, meaning you can be given a facial with the products you are potentially buying!

7. One size does not fit all

No matter what anyone says, your skincare routine should be what works for you. Some people get by with a drugstore face wash and cheap moisturizer and have stunning, clear skin. Others can only achieve this effect with a seven-step, expensive Korean skincare routine. Many people find that skincare products don’t really work at all and that their diet or hormones are the only factors that affect them. The experts are there to help you pick the best product for you, but only you know your history and your skin. 

7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Work For You Honeybunnytwee Graphic Design

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