8 Easy Habits to Begin Practicing Self-Care

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Many of us carry a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders, this can cause us to forget that we have personal needs to care for too. Self-care is so important and oftentimes gets neglected due to our schedules or our emotions. Self-care is also a very important part of stress management, and it’s a way to help build ourselves up. Even if we do feel our lowest. It may seem difficult to get into a routine of self-care but it doesn’t have to be. These are 8 habits for building self-care.

8 Easy Habits to Begin Practicing Self-Care

Give Yourself a Break

Whether you work, study, or are a caretaker, it’s best to take a break every once in a while. There are so many things to do when taking a break such as napping, taking a long, or doing something that you enjoy to unwind.

Understand your worth

A part of self-care is about having a healthy relationship with yourself. This will give you confidence and produce more positive feelings on what you think about yourself and your life. It’s necessary to remind yourself of your worth and to address your needs.

Finding balance

Overworking is not a virtue, this will cause a massive amount of stress and exhaustion. Overworking will also lead to both physical and mental health problems such as depression and heart disease. You’ll need to find a balance in doing the things that you love and in your work. Try to avoid overextending and make sure you’re vocal about what your professional boundaries are.

8 Easy Habits to Begin Practicing Self-Care

Eating healthy

While eating junk food is good for the soul, it’s best to eat healthy whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. These will physically make you feel better and will help your skin as well. It’s fine to eat junk food in moderation, but be aware that it can make you feel physically worse. Unhealthy foods can also impact your teeth as well as how you do your dental care. So while it’s fine to indulge in dessert every once in a while, for your overall health it’s always better to choose healthy foods.


It can be understandable if you don’t have any time or energy in your day to commit to exercising. While it’s better if you can commit to 15 minutes to an hour each day, it’s fine to also take things super slow. You can start by just trying to fit 10,000 steps into your daily routine and then gradually build up to exercising more regularly.


Self-care and skincare do often go hand in hand. Skincare can include taking bubble baths, moisturizing, and in general following a skincare routine. Taking care of our skin will not only allow us to look better, but we’ll also feel so much better too.


Writing in a journal is another great way to create a healthy self-care habit. This journal could be something for writing down how you feel, what you’re grateful for, or even what you did throughout your day. It’s a great way to release some of the thoughts and feelings that we had pent up during the day.


To feel better, you need to incorporate sleep into your schedule. It’s best to try to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. 

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