A 5 Step Guide To Becoming A Beauty Influencer This Year

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Do you have a dream of becoming a beauty influencer? Plenty of people would love to do this, but just don’t know where to start. If this is something you really want to do, you shouldn’t become disheartened by the fact that there are 100s of other beauty influencers out there at the moment. You won’t get to their level right away, but if this is what you really want and you put a plan into place to get there, you can’t fail! Let’s take a look at this 5 step guide to becoming a beauty influencer this year! 

A 5 Step Guide To Becoming A Beauty Influencer This Year

1. Figure Out Your Niche

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Although you might think that ‘beauty’ should cover a variety of topics, it’s better to pick a niche at first. This is because your content won’t appeal to a specific market if you have a bit of everything on there, and you’ll struggle to compete with other influencers. You can do a bit of everything later on when you have grown your following. Are you going to focus on skincare for acne prone skin? Makeup for those with dry skin? Hooded eye tutorials? The more niche and specific the better!

2. Create High Quality Content 

High quality content is a must. People need to be able to watch it, so your imagery and audio should be spot on. It shouldn’t be too long, but should incorporate enough information to add value. This will make your content shareable, and ensure people come back again and again to learn more from you. 

3. Be Consistent 

Consistency is key. Even if you only post one video a week, do it consistently and do it well. You can build your frequency up as you improve. 

A 5 Step Guide To Becoming A Beauty Influencer This Year -  Honeybunnytwee

Looking for trends in the cosmetics industry and staying ahead of them can help you to ensure you create timely content that packs a punch. Be smart and keep your eyes open for trends! 

5. Network, Network, Network 

Finally, you can’t get away without networking – even if you’re an introvert! Comment on other influencers content, and say useful/valuable things. Don’t be spammy – try to build genuine connections. This will help you to spread awareness and make a name for yourself. If you get the opportunity to go to events, don’t hesitate to agree! 

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Don’t forget, alongside the above advice, you need to make sure you constantly find ways to improve. There’s always going to be a way to improve your content – could you make it more visually appealing? Could you improve your editing skills? Whatever you do, make sure you aim for authenticity in all of your content and you don’t try to be anybody else. Taking inspiration from others is fine, but you should credit them. Stealing is rife in the influencer industry, and you’d hate it if somebody else ripped off your content and used it to make money for themselves. Make sure you keep strong principles, no matter how big you get. Good luck and have fun! 

A 5 Step Guide To Becoming A Beauty Influencer This Year honeybunnytwee

What Tips Do You Have for Becoming a Beauty Influencer? Who is Your Favorite?

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