Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

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desk accessories for boss babes

Are you a boss babe blogger, work-at-home mom, passionista, or entrepreneur? If so, these are the stylish, fierce, and fun desk accessories for you!

*Disclosure* I own/use all products listed. All opinions on these products are based solely on my own experience. Items listed from Amazon have my Amazon affiliate links so if you click on the links or images you can support me at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

15 Must-Have Desk Accessories

Wireless Keyboard

You’re just my TYPE! Believe me, this Blogger is always WRITE[ing] ✏️⌨️Thanks @Aluratek for my complimentary foldable Bluetooth connected keyboard! As an aspiring blogger, this is a must-have tech essential! This keyboard helps me keep my “office” on-the-go and makes typing comments and blog posts a breeze. Compatible with Apple, Windows, and iOS devices. 💻🖥📱⌨️

Wireless Mouse

Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

Sticking to the wireless theme, this rose gold wireless mouse is both fashion-forward and functional. It is rechargeable, slim, silent, portable, and USB-enabled.

Mouse Pad

Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

You’re going to need a mouse pad for that wireless mouse. I know, we’re slowly going down a cute product, rabbit hole. I love this full moon mouse pad to the moon and back!

External Hard Drive

Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

So you got a lot of data? Back that thang up! HAHA in all seriousness, having an external hard drive gives you:

  • Extra storage
    • keep space free on your PC or Mac.
    • backup your computer to protect your data in the event of a hard drive crash.
  • Accessibility
    • access data, no internet connection required.
  • Improved performance
    • run an external drive as a boot drive to increase speed and performance.


What’s a goal-getter without her planner or agenda? I got my 2019 planner at TJ Maxx. Find a planner that matches your own unique style to turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans.

Agenda Starter Pack

Bando Agenda Starter Pack
(Amazon, $14.95)

The Agenda Starter Pack comes in a translucent blush pouch and includes a snap-in to do list, sticker sheet, neon pink gel pen, mini wet-erase marker, spiral tab clips, disco foil tape and pink paper clips.

Carousel Organizer desk

(Micheals, $30)

This carousel desk organizer spins around lazy Susan style, for all you non-lazy Susan’s out there. No offense, Susan.


bunny staplers

I’m “honeybunnytwee” so of course my stapler is bunny-shaped.

Pen Stand

pen stand grass

(Barnes&Noble, $12.95)

My bunny stapler needs some grass to munch on. This grassy pen stand will do.

Signature Pen

Swarovski blue pen crystal
(Swarovski, $35)

You’re going to be signing some pretty important paperwork, aren’t you? Have a special and unique signature pen ready, I love my Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen I received as a gift.

Flash Drive / Thumb-Drive

blue crystal thumbdrive usb flash drive
(Amazon, $18.99)

What came first the blue crystal pen or the blue crystal flash drive, the world may never know ;).

Push Pins / Thumbtacks

rose gold thumbtacks pins
(Amazon, $9.98)

Thanks for the MEMOries even thought they weren’t so great. These are pins for you only, sweeter!

Paper Clips

pineapple paperclips

(Forever 21, $2.73)

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” 🍍💕🍍 with this Pineapple Paper Clip Set from Forever 21.

Paper Clip Holder

paper clip holder rose gold
(Amazon, $10.89)

You obviously need a place to store your cute paper clips, why not use this rose gold paper clip holder with a magnetic lid? Super functional and super chic.

Tape Dispenser

cocktail tape dispenser
(Amazon, $24.93)

It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere! Cheers to this cocktail glass tape dispenser!

desk accessories for boss babes

What are your Favorite Desk Accessories?

Let me know about your fabulous finds at [email protected].

30 thoughts on “Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

  1. Possibly the best tape dispenser I have ever seen! Now I want a margarita. An external hard drive is an excellent idea that many people don’t think of but I would also recommend a cloud based back up as well. Only because there is a possibility of the external hard drive failing as well at some point. This digital age is scary when everything of importance is keep on a machine that can break at any moment. Great tips

  2. I would be lost without my planner—it’s a definite necessity. You’re got a great list of practical items along with a few fun, whimsical ones. I may check out that carrousel organizer. It would be a great addition to my desk.

  3. These look great! I love looking for stationery and I love to decorate my workspace! Thank you for sharing these!

  4. This is a great list of accessories! I must admit I am a lover of office supplies and am forever on a quest for cute and practical accessories for my at home office. I love the look of that external hard drive!

  5. I am such an office supply junkie! These are wonderful suggestions. I particularly like the flashdrive. I’m such a geek about having flashdrives. The use of an external hard drive… I can’t say enough about. I’ve experienced the loss of documents and perceived loss of an entire external hard drive (turned out I had not emptied my recycle bin and recovered nearly everything). The panic upon losing such things is tremendous.

  6. These desk accessories are attractive as well as practical. I like the pattern of the mouse pad. Lately I’ve been thinking about external storage so I’ll take a closer look at the external drive.

  7. love every item here. Love the title boss babes. The accessories are beautiful, vibrant, and practical to have. The external storage and drive make sense as you never know with the internal system. Thanks for this.

  8. I need to pick up an external hard drive! Thank you for reminding me. I have a tape dispenser that is a high heeled shoe in bright pink that I love. Desk accessories like that are so much fun! My planner is huge for me too. I write everything down these days because I’ll forget if I don’t.

  9. I like everything in organized manner so I have almost all of them except the push pins. Need to buy it soon.

  10. Hahah this post surprised me and actually featured quite a few items I would adore to have. I’m loving the mouse pad and the grassy pen stand… Who knew haha!? Thanks for the inspiration 💚

  11. I have some of these already but I don’t have ALL of these. The reason is why I don’t really have a office at work (I am at a school that shares office materials with everyone) and I don’t need them at my home office.

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