Could You Be Selling Your Crafts?

Being able to craft and make things of your own is one of the best things that you can do with your time. After all, in a modern era where most of us spend our lives sitting in front of screens with our brains turned off, being able to make something with your own two hands that you can actually be proud of is a wonderful alternative.

That being said, what if you want to take things a little further with your crafts and actually start to earn some extra cash from it? More and more people are trying this out as an option but it’s not always easy. With that in mind, here are some things that you need to do in order to start making money from your crafts.

How to Start Selling Your Crafts

Selling Your Crafts?

Make sure the quality is high

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The first thing that you’re going to want to make sure of if you’re going to start selling your crafts is that the quality of them is high enough that they’re actually worth selling. After all, if you’re making things that you love but that aren’t really all that high quality, you’re going to have some trouble convincing people to pay for them.

Make sure that you’re using the right materials like high-quality fabric and card, shimmer paint and quality pens. Your materials need to be high quality but you also need to be sure that you, quite literally, have the skills to pay the bills.

Know where to sell them

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Once you’ve got some crafted products that you want to sell, you have to figure out where to put them. Etsy is often the best place to start since setting up an Etsy store isn’t going to cost you and it gives you access to a huge potential customer base. But it’s also a good idea to set up things like a Facebook page and Twitter account that you can also use to promote and sell your crafts to as many different people as possible.

Figure out if people want them

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The sad thing is, it won’t matter how well made your crafts are if people don’t actually want them. Look at the things that you’re making and try to do your research to figure out which ones are actually going to sell. The best research that you can do is to just talk to the people in your life and find out which ones they prefer. That knowledge can help you avoid wasting time trying to sell crafts that no one wants.

Of course, there’s no reason why you have to try and turn your crafting into a money-making scheme. If you want to keep it as a hobby that you do for fun and to make gifts for the people in your life, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And even if you do decide that you want to make some money from it, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it as a little side hustle rather than trying to turn it into a full business.

Are you Thinking about Selling your Crafts?

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21 thoughts on “Could You Be Selling Your Crafts?

  1. I think it’s also important to make sure the market isn’t saturated with what you want to sell. Right now, personalized signs made with the Cricut are extremely popular in my area. So many people are selling them that it’s not really a good time to get into it.

  2. I remember back in my school days, my crafts helped me to funds my education and gain many friends. It’s amazing feeling.

  3. I actually just brought some stuff to make things but I’m nervous about selling them it’s going to be my first time.

    1. It’s good to enter into a business that is related to something that you love. Crafting is one but think about it well because there are also a lot of other people who sell their crafts. In the end, it’s how you will differentiate your product that will determine your success.

  4. I love the ability to craft something, and reach a buyer through online marketplaces! It really gives a sense of self achievement when someone buys a product, because it’s like they validate the effort you made.

  5. I love do crafty stuffs but I think I’m not yet confident to sell it but I really love your idea you have a great talent 🙂

  6. Very informative, I agreed with the quality point. If we focus on products quality like apple. People don’t hesitate to pay a lil bit more + they will always be our loyal customer.

  7. Sometimes I sell stuff but I’m not really good at it. Hopefully these tips can help me when I decide to become an entreprenuer again 🙂

  8. I wish I was that good that people could show interest in buying… lol but would love to try

  9. I wish I would that could that people could show interest in buying my experiments…… lol

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