The Creative Exercises To Try In 2022

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When a new year rolls around, most people make plans to eat better, exercise, and travel more. Yet while these are all decent ambitions to have, they’re not the only ones that you can undertake in a new year. And perhaps they’re not even the best ones. One of the more underrated resolutions is to take up creative exercises. To the people who are thinking that they’re not creative: you are! Everyone is. Most people learn this just through doing. 

There are plenty of creative hobbies that you can get started with. We’ll take a look at some of the best options below.

The Creative Exercises To Try In 2022

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Pick Up Your Camera

If you’ve got a relatively recent smartphone, then you’ll have a pretty outstanding camera in your pocket. So why not use it? People are filming entire movies on their iPhones, which should tell you just about everything you need to know about its capabilities. Everyone will have their own preference as to what types of photos they take. You might like to take photographs of people, nature, indoor scenes, scenes on the streets, or anything else. The best approach is not to overthink it: just do, and you’ll soon get the hang of things.

Sketching and Painting

Have you ever been slightly envious of those people who can spend a day sketching or painting, completely immersed in their craft? It seems like a fantastic way to spend a beautiful Spring or Summer’s day, doesn’t it? As with most things on this list, you don’t really need to have all that much by way of equipment to get started with these types of projects. A notepad and a pencil will do! Again, don’t worry if you’ve not a natural talent or that your first attempts don’t look all that good. You’ll be improving with every drawing/painting that you do. 

Making Your Own Clothes

Want to undertake something creative and enhance your sense of style both at the same time? Then consider making your own clothes. This is a lot more straightforward than most people realize. Invest in some blank bella canvas t-shirts, and then get to work on putting your design on the front (or the back, if you prefer). It’s a lot of fun to make your own shirts, but the real joy comes later when you’re walking around knowing that you’re wearing a one of a kind t-shirt. 

Learn an Instrument 

Finally, what about picking up an instrument? This is an ideal thing to learn during the cold winter months when there’s nothing else to do anyway. If you started playing the guitar now, you’d be able to get to a reasonable level by summertime. And is there anything better than the idea of playing the guitar on a summer’s day, perhaps at the beach? Other popular instruments that you could pick include the piano, drums, or something a bit more relaxed, like the harmonica. Looking for a challenge? Give the violin a try — but be warned; it’s extremely difficult. 

Do you know any Creative Exercises?

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