Wellness Wednesday: How to Rock Self-Care, Even if You Have Zero Time by Lisa Latimer

How to Rock Self-Care, Even if You Have Zero Time by Lisa Latimer
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The Problem Within the Solution

Are you tired of being told you have to add x,y, and z, to your crammed schedule, in the name of self-care?  You already don’t have time to breathe, (a huge reason why you need the damn self-care to begin with).  Now your’e being told to up the crazy, in the name of self- care?  Riddle me that!  There is a way of rocking your self-care like a ninja, so that it seamlessly weaves itself into your every day activities, (without having to cancel, switch, or pencil anything extra in).  With this self-care trick I’m sharing with you, you can rock self-care, even if you have zero time.

How to Rock Self-Care, Even if You Have Zero Time

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Bath Bombs, Pedicures and Massages, Oh my!

Long baths with glittery, scented bath bombs, fizzing slowly, to release a beautiful fragrance.  A pedicure with gentle, yet forceful kneading and exfoliating.  Massage with warm essential oils, and smooth hot stones.  Can’t you just slide right out of your chair thinking about all this luxurious pampering?  But there’s just one problem.  You may not have the time or money to indulge in these types of activities.  Even more affordable activities, like reading a book, or taking yourself to a movie, can become a burden.

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When I decided to give self-care advice an honest go, it went something like this.  As I sink into a hot tub and enjoy my little toiletries, my “to do” list runs frantic laps through my mind.  Rather than feeling relaxed, I begin to feel restless and even a bit resentful of the bath I’m supposed to be blissfully intoxicated by.  When I squeezed in the pedicure and massage, my appointments ran behind leaving me anxious, (although I quickly forgot about it five minutes into my massage).

Here’s the real kicker.  Within the first hour of being back home with the kids, and the dizzying list of “to do’s”, (including homework, cooking, catering to, refereeing, bathing, and my own work), the tension slams right back into me.

About the Author:

Self-Awareness has been a subject that deeply resonates with Lisa.  Overcoming toxic relationships, low self-esteem, and crippling fear of failure, Lisa came to realize the necessity of self-awareness,  in creating a fulfilling life.  She believes we must get real about what fulfillment looks and feels like to us, ( along with our strengths and weaknesses), so that we can live aligned with out best self.

Lisa’s Mission

Lisa believes that turning popular perspectives upside down, and being unapologetically honest, is the best way to become more self-aware.  Her goal with her writing, interviews, and guest posts, is to offer you honest, fresh perspectives; contributing to your self-awareness. 

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What are your tips for self-care with zero time? Comment your tips and tricks!

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