I Like You a Latte

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I Like You a Latte! I’m obsessed with green tea soy lattes. They are really tasty. My friend told me that they were one of the healthier options at Starbucks. I didn’t choose it because it was, but I’m not complaining. To be honest, the light green color intrigued me.

Matcha can be bought in powdered form and added to any recipe you want. It can also be a stand alone beverage. Below is the brand I like best after trial and error. You can get it here:

I like to treat myself to a green tea soy latte a few times a week after classes. Especially when I need to stay late nights in the library. Otherwise, I just drink my coffee black so I can be productive and function in society. What’s your favorite comfort drink?

*Disclosure* I use the product listed. All opinions on this product are based solely on my own experience. Items listed from Amazon have my Amazon affiliate links so if you click on the links or images you can support me at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

If you try this send us feedback on how you like it and tag us via @honeybunnytwee. Also, let me know what you think of these recipes at [email protected]. Additionally, if you have other recipes that you’d like me to try let me know!

I Like You a Latte

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