5 Ways To Glow Up Post-Quarantine

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After the year we have all been having, now is the best time to start working on some self love. As lockdown rules are easing and the end of the road is looking nearer, what better to focus on than your post-quarantine glow up and we’ve got the top tips for you.

5 Ways To Glow Up Post-Quarantine
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Pamper Day

When life gets busy we tend to take ourselves for granted and neglect our self care. Take a pamper day to get your nails done, have a facial and tidy up any unwanted hair. You don’t need to head to a salon to get top results. Invest in some home face masks and body scrubs to get you feeling your best. These small steps can make a whole lot of difference to your overall mood. 

Get A Haircut

Time to trim those split ends. Whether you are going for a whole new look or just a tidy up, having your split ends trimmed will give your luscious locks a whole new lease of life. Add some color if you’re feeling bold and don’t forget to take care of your new hairstyle with some repairing shampoos, conditioners or even a hair mask if you’re feeling fancy.

Take Some ‘Me time’

Why not incorporate some meditation or manifestation into your daily routine, as a healthy mind is the most important step in your glow up journey. Don’t forget to take a moment to relax, try and dedicate at least one evening a week to have a little ‘me time’. Run yourself a bath, light some scented candles and shut off your phone, a night of relaxation is just what you need to reboot your mind. 

Work On That Smile

Now you are feeling more confident within yourself there’s no doubt you will be smiling from ear to ear. To boost that confidence even more head to your dentist to have your teeth cleaned and whitened. Teeth whitening can be tricky so we definitely recommend investing in some time and money into getting a professional to do it for you. A leading dentist says ‘Over-the-counter dental whitening kits have varied results for patients, and not always the results they want. But with professional teeth whitening services, your teeth will receive a smooth and even whitening treatment that works almost instantly to brighten one tooth or your entire smile.’ 

Go Shopping

Grab a friend and have a socially distanced shopping day. Find an outfit to compliment your new style and wear it with your new found confidence. If your budget is too small for a whole outfit, buy a cute accessory or some new underwear, as knowing you have something new just for you will give you all the conviction you need to feel great.

Now you are ready to show your new look to the world, be confident, be positive and be safe. For other tips on self care check out Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood.

What are your Glow Up Tips?


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