Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood

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Self-care is one of the many goals I have set in my life. I have a habit of constantly overworking myself and exhausting myself to the point where I can no longer function. So self-care has become a huge part of my life. So here are my tips for self-care for beginners.

Self-Care for Beginners

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood
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There isn’t just one type of Self Care

Self care is all about taking care of yourself. But there is more than one way to do it. You can relax, express yourself, do something healthy and connect to friends and family. These are all very different and have different effects on you. They are also all important to have balance in your life. You can do one more than the other. Sometimes, we need to relax more than express ourselves. It all depends on what you need in your life.

Don’t pressure it

Sometimes, trying to hard to do self care can defeat the purpose. If you pressure yourself into trying to relax, you never can relax. These things must come naturally. So if you don’t do every task, every day, don’t worry about!

Go along with how you feel

As I said earlier, you can’t force yourself to do something when you don’t feel like it. You must go along with how you feel. If you feeling lonely, then you might need to connect with someone or if you are tired, you might need a nap.

Don’t Treat it Like Procrastination

When you do self care, don’t think of it as you getting off work or as you are not doing work. Make sure you get the balance right. You need to do work or whatever tasks you need to do and taking care of yourself. The best way to tackle this is to do your self care during your breaks. Or set yourself some time aside before bed or in the morning.

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

About the author:

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood

Emelie Greenwood is a student blogger who is all about Self Care and Wellness. She started writing in early 2020, finally gaining the courage to make her passion a reality. A young writer and a hard worker are two things she would call herself. She loves to be random and try new things in life. Needless to say, she has always loved writing, ever since she was little but now she wants to share her writing with the world. Join her on her journey with fitness, self-care and lifestyle. So all it takes is a little climb.

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Do you Check All the Boxes on Your Self-Care Checklist?

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood

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7 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care for Beginners by Emelie Greenwood

  1. The important part of self-care is doing something you want to do. For me my daily self-care is working out. It helps me physically and mentally. It allows me to clear my mind for an hour to 90 minutes each morning and center myself for the day.

  2. Self-care is so important. Many people feel guilty for taking time out and spending it on themselves, but they really shouldn’t. It’s a way of recharging their batteries.

  3. We all require to look at self care more seriously than perhaps we have been in the past.To have a healthy mind, a healthy body is so essential. Thanks for reminding.

  4. Today self care is simply listening to my. body and sleeping when I need to. I definitely agree that self care isn’t the same for everyone. It isn’t even the same for me every day. I’ve taken the steps to being able to work from my bed and just nap when I am ready, and when I wake up, I go back to work. This isn’t my normal pattern, by any stretch of the imagination, because I am a stickler for my office and routine. But that just wasn’t working today and I had to adapt.

  5. You’ve got some great points here. I feel like we often put so much pressure on these big, elaborate self-care plans that we actually stress ourselves out rather than work to relieve stress. If, however, we allow ourselves to listen to what our mind and body is telling us it needs, it will have a far more positive impact.

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