7 Craft Box Essentials

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It doesn’t matter if it is you or the kids who love to craft. Everyone deserves a well-equipped craft box. Something that you know is jam-packed and ready to go for any occasion. There are some things that just make sense to have. From making Christmas cards to cross-stitching. 

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Here are your craft box essentials:

Bubble Wrap

This is great for making jellyfish legs, creating patterns, or simply popping them. They are great for making really tactile games, and for sensory play too. A fun idea is to tape a cut out to the bottom of some clean wellingtons for a little stomp around. 


The more, the merrier. Of course, you are probably going to need a range of colours. Some watercolours, poster paints, acrylics and oil are ideal. If you are looking for a quick and clean activity, then fill a ziplock bag with some poster paint. Zip the top up, and show the kids how to draw with it. Mess-free and a lot of fun. Painting has become more prevalent in recent years because it is a stress relief for all ages. 

Glue Gun

7 Craft Box Essentials  glue gun

Glue guns for arts and crafts are a must. Children do need an adult to help use them safely, but they have so many uses it would be a big thing to be missing. They are great for tiny detail work with glitter and sequins to hot gluing patches on sneakers and flowers on headbands. You can even get glitter glue sticks to really make the most of this tool. 


Scissors is a skill that takes a while for most kids to learn. And, boy are they eager. The best thing to do is have a range of childproof scissors for a while until they get used to the motion and the safety issues surrounding scissors. Scissors with patterned blades can help create so many cool projects they are always worth the investment. 


There are probably very few arty projects that won’t need glue at some point. While adults can handle the hot glue gun, kids can use PVA with no issues. Make sure that it is non-toxic, and always encourage people to close the lid properly once they have used it. There is nothing worse than starting a project only to find the glue has gone hard. 


No, not everyone loves glitter, but it is so much fun to play with. It might be that you are creating a card for your neighbours, or the kids want to make their old trainers glittery. It looks pretty and only takes 5000 years to clean up – worth it. Gems and sequins should also be in the sparkly section of the box. From calming bottles to snowglobes, there aren’t many projects that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of glitter. 

Tissue Paper

You can make everything from paper mache globes to a faux stained glass window. It isn’t expensive, but it can be a lot of fun to play with, even more so when combined with some PVA glue and some imagination. 

What are your Craft Box Must-Have’s?

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