Subtle Ways To Transform Your Face

The winter is on the way. And since time immemorial, the winter has represented a symbolic death and rebirth. It’s no surprise that the coming of the new year in the Christian calendar roughly coincides with the winter solstice and pagan Yule traditions which tend to revolve around themes of rebirth and revivification. As such, many of us feel a natural yearning for change as the year draws to a close. While many of us manifest this in our New Year’s Resolutions, don’t wait for the year to change to start making small but meaningful positive changes in your life. 

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Creative Costume Essentials You’ll Need This Spooky Season!

Creative Costume Essentials You’ll Need This Spooky Season!

If you are a big fan of dressing up whenever possible, then it’s quite likely that you are already getting excited about the upcoming celebration of Halloween. In fact, getting their costume right is the most important things for many people, whether they are heading to a party or hitting the neighborhood streets to trick or treat! Happily, you will find out about all the essentials you will need to make sure your costume is one that wows this spooky season! Keep reading to find out more. 

Creative Costume Essentials You’ll Need This Spooky Season!
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Ensure You Have Kissable Lips This Summer

Regardless of whether it is a romantic kiss or one of greeting when you meet up with a good friend, no one wants to kiss lips that look chapped and sore. In fact, some people will shy away in case there is some infection they do not want to catch. Kissing can be fun, it can be sexy and for some people it is essential. You need to ensure that your lips are kissable this summer if you do not want people to pull away instead of giving you a smacker. Taking care of your lips will also make them more comfortable for you. Sore lips are something you do not need to suffer. There are ways to make sure that your kissable lips are always inviting, and here are just a few tips to help you on your way.

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SomeBUNNY’s a TOO FACED Affiliate!

SomeBUNNY’s a Too Faced affiliate! Honeybunnytwee is an affiliate for my favorite makeup brand, Too Faced Cosmetics ! Obviously, this is a big deal for me because Too Faced is the first makeup brand I ever bought by myself. They launched my makeup obsession and will always have a special place in my heart!

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HBT Reviews: Influenster App/ Makeup Freebies

Influenster is an app where you review products, join community discussions, post photos in online galleries, and potentially earn free stuff and VoxBoxes. Best part is that you don’t have to be “insta famous” to be a part of it!

This is my personal experience with the app and yours may vary, but if you’d like to give it a try sign up at or if you already have an account add me @honeybunnytwee. Read more to see all the free/complimentary stuff I’ve gotten from Influenster.

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