How To Become A Blogger

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So, you want to be a blogger? Maybe you feel as though you have something to say and want to get your message out there. Blogging can be a great pastime but it can also be a way of earning money. It can become a big part of your life, and it will introduce you to a great community of other bloggers too. 

Here are some tips for starting your very own blog 

How To Become A Blogger

How To Become A Blogger
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Pick A Niche

There are blogs about every imaginable interest under the sun. Blog about the things that you are most passionate about. Blog for people like yourself who enjoy that topic. Pick a subject that you can build your blog around. Make sure that there is going to be plenty of scope for you to keep on talking about these things. Finding something new to write every day can get challenging, so having a wide-ranging topic that you can draw from is vital. 

Pick A Platform

There are lots of great websites that you can use to start your blog on. Have a look at a few and see which option gives you all of the features that you want. WordPress is a popular option that allows you to change themes, add widgets, and fully customize your experience. Wix is an easy to use site that many people use for simple blogs. Blogger is another great option which is used by many great bloggers. 

Learn About Attracting Readers

How To Become A Blogger
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Once you have your site set up, and you have started creating posts you will no doubt want to think about attracting visitors. One of the first places you could bring in readers is through your own social media profiles. Try and encourage people to interact with your social media posts as that will mean that you are likely to appear on their news feeds too.

When it comes to taking your blog to the next level, there are lots of techniques you can use, including using the right keywords that will match up to those used in Google searches. Getting visitors through internet searches may require the help of a seo specialist who will be able to provide you with some great strategies for building up the page views. 

Post Often 

When it comes to running a blog, you need to post as often as you can. If you are going to build up an army of regular readers, then you will need to post often. Having a regular feature on set days can be a good way of getting into consistent habits with your blog writing. This will also mean that your readers will start to come back on set days for the posts that interest them the most. 

Monetize Your Blog

We all need money, and why not earn money from something you enjoy? If your blog is getting enough visitors, you may be able to join an affiliate program and get paid for recommending products to your regular visitors. I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program, there are various premium plug-ins available such as AmaLinks that can make it easy to integrate these affiliate programs with your website.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Become a Blogger Today!

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