Two Years Into COVID, We Are Still Changing

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The coronavirus pandemic made its way into the world with a bang in early 2020. Now, nearly two years in, and the changes spawned by a global health crisis continue to take hold. Some have been positive, such as the number of people opening new businesses, while a spike in divorce, may not be so pleasant for everyone. Today, Honey Bunny Twee shares some tips to help you cope with these changing times. 

Two Years Into COVID, We Are Still Changing

Two Years Into COVID, We Are Still Changing
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Kids And The Pandemic

There are many reasons that people’s lives have changed during the coronavirus pandemic. For kids, especially, things like lockdowns and closed schools were sudden and life-changing. The early months of the pandemic were full of uncertainty, and the trauma stemming from an abrupt break from society still haunts kids today, despite many schools being back in session. If you’re looking for ways to help your children deal with anxiety and trauma, yoga might be the answer. The American Osteopathic Association explains that yoga offers physical benefits, like improved athletic performance and boosted energy, and it can also help relieve stress and improve overall mental clarity.

Relationship Woes

Something else that has affected many children is the sudden uptick in divorces. It’s not uncommon for adult relationships to evolve to include separate routines and habits as a way to mask underlying problems. The pandemic forced families to stay home and away from others, which made many of these issues bubble and burst fiercely through the surface. Many parts of the country, including in the United States and England, saw a spike in divorce filings as much as 122% year-over-year.
If you have recently or are preparing to make this major decision, be honest with your children. As Fatherly explains, “Kids aren’t dumb.” While you do not need to discuss the specifics of the divorce with the children, keep them in the loop as age-appropriate as possible. The bright spot here is that many parents have gotten children out of a bad situation quicker than they would have if not for the pandemic.

Try Out a New Style

One way that you can boost your confidence and focus on feeling and looking your best is to look into buying new clothes. Whether you’re staying in (and just want a fresh, comfortable set of pajamas to lounge around in) or you want a nice dress to wear out on the town (pandemic permitting, of course), look for something stylish yet comfortable – and that includes all you  to-be moms!

Moving During a Pandemic

While most people are in no rush to change homes in the midst of a pandemic, certain events like losing your job or going through a painful divorce can make relocating a necessity. If you fit into that category, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. You’ll get through this. Next, browse online listings to find the right place to fit your budget. Make sure you check on home design trends, as well. Then, when the day comes, do yourself a favor and hire professional movers. You can also request that they provide proof of vaccination and/or wear a mask, as well.

Job Loss and Entrepreneurship

Job loss was another negative side effect of the pandemic that actually turned out to have a silver lining for many families. Topping out at 14.4%, unemployment made its way to many households and especially affected jobs in travel and tourism, retail, and food services. But, entrepreneurship also jumped to nearly all-time highs. If you are still sitting on the sidelines, you should know that now is a great time to start your own business so that you can control your finances in the future. In addition to having more control of your finances, starting your own business gives you much more flexibility, which is crucial during uncertain times when schools may or may not session on a moment’s notice.

Ultimately, while the pandemic changed our lives, it wasn’t all negative. Even when dealing with issues, such as divorce, there are good things to come out of it. The pandemic is no longer just a crisis, but an era, and we will continue to adapt in ways we never thought possible. Remember, stay positive, and you will bring positive energy to you, even in the worst of times.
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