What’s The Best Way To Go Blonde?

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If you’ve got dark hair, you’ve probably thought about trying out blonde hair at some point. It’s likely you’ve put it off because you don’t want to damage your hair or because you’re worried you won’t be able to get the right tone.

The secret to successfully going blonde is to choose the right process for your hair type. Below are a few tips for going blonde.

Are home kits a good idea?

For the most part, box dyes should be avoided. While they may be cheap, they don’t always produce cheerful results. This is particularly the case when doing a drastic colour change such as black to blonde. 

If you’ve got very dark hair, it’s unlikely these dyes will be strong enough to fully change the colour of your hair. There’s also the risk of it ending up patchy if you’re experienced with dyes. On top of this, box dyes can damage your hair (especially if you’re applying them often and not looking after your hair).

Should you get it professionally done?

Seeing a professional hair stylist at a salon is the safest and most effective way to go blonde. Professional stylists will know exactly how to treat your hair depending on its colour and health. 

In most cases a stylist will recommend lightening your hair in stages – usually in four sessions if you’re going from very dark to bleach blonde. If you have very healthy hair, it’s possible to do it in one session, but it could take up to eight hours in total.

Additional treatments such as moisturising the hair may be performed to keep your hair healthy. Glosses may also be used to add shine.

What about wearing a wig?

If your hair is already quite damaged or you simply don’t like the idea of bleaching your hair, another option could be to try a blonde wig

Wigs have become very fashionable nowadays. They give you the freedom to completely switch up your hairstyle on a daily basis. Many are also very convincing compared to the wigs of yesteryear.

Just make sure to buy the right wig. It needs to be a good fit and it needs to be good quality in order to last. Always make sure that wigs are stored correctly and washed when necessary. 

Should you go completely blonde?

Going completely blonde can be quite drastic. You need to be confident that you’re ready to fully transform your look. Consider whether it could be better to try highlights first or maybe an ombre effect.

When dying your hair, opting for highlights or an ombre could be less damaging overall. It will also likely cost less and won’t take as long to do. Some stylists may recommend trying this first. 

There are many styles of highlights. It could be worth looking into different styles and finding pictures to show your hair stylist so that you end up with the right kind of highlights.

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