6 Ways to Make Sewing Easy and Effortless!

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If you are looking to increase your hobby repertoire, sewing is one of those things we should all have in our lives, but so many of us don’t get on well with sewing. In fact, so many of us absolutely hate the idea of sewing because it’s fiddly or because there are no shortcuts, but if you are looking for ways to make sewing easier, here are a few things that you should remember:

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Sew Buttons Onto the Inside of Your Coat Sleeve

If you are getting frustrated that your buttons keep popping off, a handy little hint is to sew some extra buttons on the inside of your coat sleeve, so if you lose some buttons, there will be a couple handy!

You Don’t Always Need a Needle and Thread to Put Things in Place

Of course, a needle and thread is the most important thing to help us sew everything, but there are little shortcuts that can help, such as a fabric glue stick that creates a temporary bond while the fabric is pliable, which is ideal if you are struggling to secure fabrics in place.

Use Binder Clips

If you have an abundance of binder clips left over, you can make life easier for yourself just by clipping your fabric in place, meaning you’ve got a stronger surface to do the sewing rather than relying on your fiddly hands. It’s something that we should all use if we have smaller fingers or we find sewing too delicate. This will work wonders for those more intricate sewing projects.

Get Some Dental Floss! 

If you are constantly sewing buttons or you find it way too difficult, if you start using dental floss as thread, you can sew buttons back into place. Dental floss is not just fantastic for your teeth, of course, but it’s stronger than usual thread, and this can, over time, stop buttons from popping off. Regular thread has its place, but if you find that your buttons keep popping off all the time or you’re not being as delicate as you should, this is definitely worth your while!

Keep Your Pins and Your Scissors Sharp

It is essential to keep everything sharp because if you need to cut through fabric or you have to pierce material, a dull pair of scissors or pins can make life a lot more difficult for you. Have a pair of scissors purely for the purpose of sewing, and you can sharpen your pins by investing in steel wool and placing it inside your pin cushion to keep everything extra sharp.

Invest in a Sewing Machine

We’ve saved this point for last because a sewing machine is something that can cut your sewing time in half or even less! But when you invest in a sewing machine, you might want to start thinking about other sewing machine attachments. For example, a walking foot. This pulls the fabric from the top as the feed grabs it from the bottom, so the fabric can go evenly through the machine. You could also invest in Baby Lock sewing machines, the ultimate in precision and ease. If you’re hoping to work as a seamstress or open a small textile startup, then tools like this can be valuable. Sewing is not an easy thing, but you can certainly make it easier on yourself!

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