How To Grow Your Hair Faster And Healthier

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Many of us would love to grow our hair faster and healthier, particularly if we’re the sort of people who love to embrace the latest styles and fashions. However, biology being biology means we usually have to wait. Hair will only grow a few millimeters per week (and even less if you’re older!)

With that said, there are actually some weird and kind of crazy ways you can grow your hair faster and healthier. Many of them are natural and actually involve just following common sense lifestyle practices

But what are they, exactly? Let’s take a look. 

How To Grow Your Hair Faster And Healthier

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Use Minoxidil

The FDA currently approves Minoxidil to promote hair growth and regrowth. The medication works by increasing the number of active blood vessels in the target region, hooking more hair follicles up to a regular supply of nutrients. 

To access Minoxidil, you may have to take it out on a prescription. You may also need to apply it for a few weeks before you will start seeing results. Remember, always talk to your doctor first before using this medication. 

Sleep On Silk

Another cool way to increase hair growth without any side effects is to sleep on silk. Silk is pretty easy on the hair (and the skin), thanks to its soft, smooth, non-friction surface. The hair simply glides over it at night, reducing the risk of damage to the outer layers and breakage. 

Remember, breakage and split ends play a role in hair length. The more damaged the hair is, the harder it becomes to lengthen it. 

Protect Your Hair From Physical Damage

Another cool technique to protect hair from physical damage is to detangle it before shampooing. Water swells and stretches the hair which can cause the outer layers to lift, causing stress if tangled. Detangling hair before showering reduces this risk. 

The best way to detangle hair is to apply a leave-in conditioner and then use a detangling brush, working from the ends. Don’t pull the brush through the hair too vigorously. Use enough force to cause the hair to separate, but not any more than you need. 

Keep Your Showers Cooler

You can also lengthen your hair by keeping your showers cooler. Hot showers dehydrate hair follicles and can cause damage if you take them too often. Turn the water temperature down to a more natural level and let the hair soak. Then massage the roots and follicles to stimulate them. 

Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brushing your hair too much can damage it, but regular brushing may help to lengthen it. Researchers believe brushing helps to distribute natural moisturizers on the scalp throughout the length of the hair, protecting it from the environment. It’s a simple step, but it assists with moisture circulation and makes hair stronger and more vibrant toward the tips. 

Get Regular Trims

Another way to make your hair grow faster is to get regular trims. It might sound paradoxical, but getting rid of split ends reduces the risk of breakage and helps hair grow longer, long-term. 

Even if you have had a procedure for lowering the hairline, getting regular trims is a good idea. It will help the hair appear thicker and fuller over time, with proper care. 

Eat A Better Diet

Perhaps the biggest way to improve your rate of hair growth is to eat a proper diet. Strong, fast-growing hair depends on what you put into your body. 

Increasing your intake of nuts, fish, and health proteins may increase hair growth rates. The more protein you have, the more abundantly the body can transform it into hair strands. 

Many women with hair shedding aren’t getting enough protein. If you are vegetarian and want to increase your intake, then consuming more tofu can help a great deal. 

Don’t put yourself on multiple juice fasts or cleanses per month. These can deprive your body of the nutrients it needs and affect hair growth adversely. 

Add Healthy Vitamins To Your Routine

While diet can go some way to making your hair grow faster, you can accelerate the results by adding healthy vitamins to your routine. For instance, vitamins C and B support hair growth, as do vitamin E, zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming these as supplements can improve hair growth, elasticity, and length. 

Shampoo Less

Lastly, try shampooing less. You don’t need to use shampoo every day (unless you have exceptionally greasy hair). Instead, use more conditioners to protect the hair and reduce the risk of breakage. To make the hair appear fuller, use thickening formulations. 

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