The Pro’s And Con’s Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has become an increasingly popular trend over recent years, with both men and women opting for procedures designed to enhance their physical appearance. Some may choose plastic surgery solely for cosmetic reasons while others seek enhancement of career prospects or self-confidence through it.

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Here’s An Overview Of Each Procedure:

1. Rhinoplasty:

Commonly known as “nose jobs,” rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Shervin Naderi to alter the shape and appearance of your nose. Whether that means correcting physical deformities or just making subtle improvements for aesthetic reasons, excess cartilage and bone may be removed during this procedure, while tissue grafts could also be added – giving you that boost of confidence you need if you’ve been self-conscious about its appearance for some time now.

2. Liposuction:

Liposuction could be just the answer you are searching for to rid yourself of stubborn fat deposits and achieve the figure you desire, without surgery. It can help sculpt and shape the body while simultaneously eliminating fat in certain areas, contouring and shaping areas with excess tissue removal, as well as shaping certain body areas with extra fat removal. Liposuction can even be combined with other procedures, like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Thigh Lift Surgery etc. It could give a whole new level of confidence in how you appear compared with how it would otherwise!

3. Facelift:

As we age, wrinkles and sagging skin on our faces become more noticeable. A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to restore youth by tightening skin on the neck and face. Surgery typically includes removal of excess fat or tissue as well as repositioning facial muscles and tissues for a rejuvenated, youthful look – providing a potential anti-ageing boost! If this sounds appealing then considering getting one could be exactly what is needed!

4. Breast Augmentation: 

Breast augmentation has become one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures today and can bring increased self-confidence for individuals dissatisfied with their breast size or shape. This procedure involves inserting implants to add volume and improve symmetry; to do this safely it’s wise to consult an experienced surgeon as they will guide your selection process and help determine which implant would be most appropriate for you.

5. Brow Lift: 

A brow lift can help diminish wrinkles around the eyes, giving them a more youthful look. In this procedure, excess skin from both forehead and eyebrows are removed while muscles may also be tightened to give you that boost of confidence you deserve.

6. Chin Augmentation:

Are you seeking to balance out your facial features through plastic surgery? A chin augmentation could be exactly what’s necessary. This procedure involves inserting implants in order to enhance its shape or size; when considering this type of operation it’s wise to consult an experienced surgeon as they will be best equipped to help select an operation suited to both your body type and face structure.

7. Eyelid Lift: 

An eyelid lift is another surgical treatment designed to restore the appearance of drooping or sagging eyelids, by extracting excess fat and skin from both upper and lower lids while tightening muscles as part of this procedure. An eyelid lift can take years off your face while instilling confidence with renewed appearance.

8. Otoplasty: 

Commonly known as “ear surgery,” otoplasty can help correct overly large ears that protrude too far out from the head, by trimming away excess cartilage to create more natural shapes and sizes for both males and females. If self-consciousness about your ears has been holding you back, this treatment could provide just what’s necessary to restore confidence levels.

9. Breast Lift: 

Are your breasts drooping due to age, pregnancy, nursing or significant weight loss? A breast lift could provide the solution. In this procedure, excess skin is removed while tissues may also be tightened for more youthful-looking contours and shapes – this surgery can make an incredible difference to both appearance and confidence!

10. Lip Lift:

For those in search of enhanced lip shape and definition, lip lifting could be the solution. The procedure entails extracting excess tissue from either their upper or lower lips and repositioning it for fuller lips – giving an added bit of confidence when smiling!

Here’s A List Of Both Advantages And Disadvantages To Keep In Mind:

1. PRO : Increased Self-Confidence

Plastic surgery can give a person greater self-confidence, making them feel better about themselves and more at ease with themselves. By improving physical features that may have caused discomfort over time, plastic surgery gives individuals greater faith in themselves and in themselves as people.

2. CON : Risk of Complications

As with any medical procedure, plastic surgery carries with it an inherent risk of complications that must be managed correctly in order to be safe for patients. These risks include infection, scarring, nerve damage and excessive bleeding which if managed incorrectly can lead to serious health issues requiring further treatments or even death in some instances. Even when performed by experienced surgeons there can still be issues during or post surgery leading to additional treatments or even death in extreme circumstances.

3. PRO : Improved Quality of Life

Plastic surgery can improve quality of life for many by correcting physical features that have caused discomfort or embarrassment in the past, as well as providing relief from medical conditions like backache, migraines and joint pain.

4. CON : Cosmetic Surgery

One of the primary drawbacks associated with plastic surgery is its cost. Depending on which procedure is being performed, costs can range anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars which many people do not have available to them. Furthermore, insurance does not usually cover such procedures, leaving patients to cover these bills themselves should they choose treatment.

5. PRO : Increased Physical Appearance

Plastic surgery can help people improve their physical appearance and become more attractive. Cosmetic procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and facelifts are often chosen in an effort to make themselves look better and feel good about how they appear.

6. CON : Downtime

After any type of plastic surgery procedure, some recovery time may be required in order for their body to heal properly. This period could range anywhere from several days to several weeks before returning to regular activities, depending on the scope and extent of your operation. Furthermore, post-operative care may be needed in order to ensure everything heals as planned and could further delay recovery time.

7. PRO : Improved Mental Health

Plastic surgery can have a powerful impact on both physical and mental health. Not only can it enhance self-confidence, but it may also relieve symptoms caused by negative body image or other contributing factors.

8. CON : Psychological Afflictions

Note that plastic surgery does not always result in psychological benefits for its recipients. Some individuals who undergo plastic surgery experience feelings of shame or guilt over their decision, while others can become obsessed with altering their appearance to search for perfection.

9. PRO : Improved Physical Functionality

Plastic surgery can actually improve both physical functionality and appearance for its recipients. Rhinoplasty can relieve breathing difficulties caused by structural issues with the nose; breast reduction surgery reduces shoulder and back pain from carrying too much weight in the chest area.

10. CON : Unsatisfactory Results

Plastic surgery can be safe and effective when done correctly, yet patients may still not be completely satisfied with its outcome. Even when procedures go smoothly, patients may still not be completely happy with how their results appear due to scarring or differing healing on each side of their bodies; furthermore, some procedures require multiple touch-up treatments before reaching desired results which increases cost significantly.


Plastic surgery can be an invaluable way of improving both one’s physical appearance and quality of life. However, it is important to remember that any procedure comes with its own set of pros and cons that should be considered prior to proceeding with treatment. These should include cost, downtime, psychological effects and risks associated with potential unsatisfactory results; all should be factored into making an informed decision as to whether plastic surgery is right for you or not.

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