Settling Into Life As A New Mom

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Becoming a parent is a big life transition. The sight of your newborn can come with so much joy, but then, it may also come with some uncertainties. You may worry about how you’re going to cope.

But know this: everyone adjusts to life with a newborn, and so can you.

However, equipping yourself with some tips will help you settle more easily and confidently.

Settling Into Life As A New Mom

Settling Into Life As A New Mom
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Ask questions

Do you wonder how best to hold your newborn? Are you uncertain about how often to feed them or how long they should sleep? Does bathing a newborn give you the creeps? All you need to do is ask the right questions.

You see, knowledge gives you confidence. When you know the right way to care for your newborn, there’s very little doubt and fear left.

The internet has all the answers you need if you’re not comfortable asking people around.

Ask for help

It would help if you didn’t attempt to do it all alone. As a nursing mom, there’s always so much to do: cleaning, bathing the baby, laundry, cooking, and lots more.

Sometimes you’ll get so tired and frustrated. You can ask your partner for help if they’re home. If not, consider suggesting if you could have a nanny or relative over for some time. You need as much help as you can get because you’re still new to many things.

Practice self-care

Have you ever gotten so frustrated you felt you could quit your job, the same one you’d do anything to have? That’s how you’ll sometimes feel about your newborn. Sometimes you may even experience small flashes of hatred.

Do not feel entirely bad about yourself; it’s the stress telling on you.

It’s therefore vital you take time out to care for your needs. Rest or sleep while your newborn sleeps. Eat your favorite dish when you can.

Self-care can help moms stay mentally energized to care properly for their newborns.

Feel good in your skin

Pregnancy and childbirth typically transform a woman’s appearance. You may have developed fat and loose skin around your tummy, and all your years of working out feel appear to have gone out the window.

Not to worry; a mommy makeover can help you shed postpartum fat to give you back your fit appearance. Mommy makeover by Dr. Kevin Brenner will typically include tummy tuck and breast augmentation to remove the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The importance of this is the improved mood and satisfaction you derive when you look at yourself, knowing that childbirth hasn’t made you any less attractive. If it did, you might not be very happy, and that’s no good for anyone.

Adjust your routines

One important thing to note as you settle into life as a new mom is that life wouldn’t remain as it was. It probably was only you and your partner before now, with fewer chores. It’s important to redesign your routine to allow for child care.

Newborns sleep a lot, so use that time to do as much as possible, but not as much as will wear you out. When your partner returns, take a break. Relax in a bath before the night shift begins.


Never abandon intimacy with your partner. Communication and intimacy will help both of you thrive as new parents. Your newborn shouldn’t be the reason you drift apart.

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