6 Questions Everyone Asks About Affordable Self-Care Getaways 

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Everyone needs the opportunity to decompress from life for a bit. Sometimes we can accomplish that sense of peace with a little dash of self-care every now and then. But then there are other times where a more sustained experience is required to release and let go. That’s where a self-care getaway comes in. Here’s advice from Honeybunnytwee on how to take one:

6 Questions Everyone Asks About Affordable Self-Care Getaways 
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What is a self-care getaway?

Take a one-to-three-night getaway that emphasizes solitude, relaxation, and reflection. This reset can help you ease the tensions in your life, reverse the effects of burnout, and replenish your emotional coffers. While self-care vacations may sound too costly of a coping strategy to use very often, you can make these getaways fit into any budget with a little creative thinking.

Where should I focus my self-care trip?

There are a lot of options for places to go to relax and unwind. For those seeking solitude, rent a cabin in the woods and take a pile of books to read. You can spend less by camping in a campsite. A self-care vacation that encourages relaxation could include a yoga retreat or a day at a spa. You can get good deals on these experiences using websites like Groupon and LivingSocial. People eager for time to reflect and meditate could experience a powerful transformation during a silent retreat. You can save money on paying for retreats by volunteering at one. 

I run a business — how can I leave work behind?

Laying the proper groundwork is the key to your business running smoothly, both when you’re there for the daily grind and when you’re taking your getaway. Ensure you have a professional foundation for your business by addressing key points. This should include things like building a proper website, managing your finances wisely, and ensuring you’re in compliance with Uncle Sam. What’s more, try your best not to think about work too much while you’re away; as Zenbusiness notes, people who spend their time thinking about their jobs while they’re away from the office really aren’t taking a vacation..

What’s the best way to travel?

If you want some relief right away, or have a smaller travel budget, finding something within driving distance, roughly 2-5 hours, is your best bet. You might even decide to include a scenic drive in your R and R plans. If you can afford to wait, you might wish to consider an overnight train ride, perhaps to the Grand Canyon or through northern California. Taking a cruise is another relaxing choice. 

Flying is the most stressful option available. If air travel is a must, take steps to keep stress at a minimum. The Points Guy suggests trying to get a direct flight if you can, and boarding early whenever possible.

When should I go on my self-care breaks?

A self-care break is crucial for good mental health, especially for people who suffer from anxiety or depression, or are in a nonprofit or caregiving profession. Try to schedule a getaway once a month, even if it’s just one overnight. If that’s not possible, do your best to get close to that goal. For those on a budget, try spending every other trip visiting a friend or family member you can stay with. Also, look for volunteer vacations. These often pay for themselves, and few things are as rewarding to the spirit and the psyche as giving back to others.

What kinds of activities are good for self-care getaways?

Think about what relaxes you, and work from there. If you enjoy the water, take a trip on a boat with structured activities and guided tours. If you prefer to be in nature, you have a spectrum of choices— from camping alone to private retreats. You can find a hiking trail system that blends physical activity with a mental wind down. Sell your services as a house sitter and take the opportunity to unplug from technology to really practice an art, like writing, painting, or playing an instrument.

A self-care getaway can be the mental and physical reset you need to maintain a sense of self and identity in the midst of all your other roles and responsibilities. You can make these trips affordable and achievable when you get creative about self-care planning and preparing. 

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