Red Hair

red hair black cherry text

Originally, I used to get red hair by bleaching it and then adding the color in after. Unfortunately, not only is this damaging to hair, but it tends to leave the texture dry and prone to breakage if the change is too drastic (dark to blonde). Luckily, my hair is naturally thick and there was no long-term damage. Overall, if your hair is finicky, some hairdressers would recommend going to salons with professional products rather than wasting time and money to fix a blotched boxed color job.

However, I prefer coloring my hair at home, and have had no major issues. Therefore, I’ve used Ion permanent dye in ‘Black Cherry‘ and have been using lower developer strengths for each touch-up. Higher developers lift more and usually provide lighter colors. I prefer a darker shade of purplish red, but it also depends on your own preference.

I used a 10v developer and this is how it turned out:

As a result, my roots are well hidden now and just as a disclaimer, red is the hardest color to sustain. In other words, it fades quickly and I can guarantee that this time next month it will be a completely different shade. As of writing this, Sally’s beauty stores only has limited shampoos for red hair, but I’d recommend ordering Tressa Watercolors online for a shampoo that revives red shades after every wash.

Additionally, if you want a brighter red then use a higher developer.

Any tips for Red Hair?

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Matcha Tea Mask

matcha tea mask

Matcha Tea Mask

Obviously, I know I kind of look like a scary, green alien or Shrek in this picture. My mother gave me this recipe to try this facial matcha tea mask recipe she found on an Asian beauty blog. It may look scary, but it works wonders! There are only three ingredients and they are all natural.


  • whole milk
  • aloe vera
  • matcha tea
matcha green tea

You can get whole milk at the grocery store and you can buy matcha tea powder online from Amazon. It helps if you have your own aloe vera plant to cut a leaf from. You’ll just need the pulpy inside to give the mask the right consistency. Aloe vera can also be used to treat a sunburn. Just rub the aloe vera pulp on the affected area for an instant cooling sensation. You don’t need a lot of matcha tea, just enough to make it the light green color you see above. Also, you can drink the rest.

Make as much as you want, but it’s easier to put the mask into small condiment-sized containers for single use portions. Apply a layer to your face with a makeup brush, wait for it to dry, apply another layer, and repeat as necessary.

matcha tea mask container

Finally, when you’re done wait 15 minutes and wash off the mask. It removes redness and reduces dark circles under the eyes. Remember to treat yourself once in a while to some facials and self-care. You don’t have to use this mixture every day, but I recommend facials at least once every two weeks.

matcha tea mask brush layer

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Belly Dancing Bliss

I attended a belly dancing workshop on February 28th in 2015 led by Kalia Kellogg of Kalia Belly Dance CT. Kalia shared her personal background and told the class about how she got into the art of belly dancing. First, she was a ballet dancer. However, she felt that the pressure to maintain a certain image and to behave a certain way was too overbearing. Kalia is very in-touch with her self-esteem, body, and spirituality. Belly dancing is a part of Kalia’s identity and personality and her passion for it is apparent. Anyone can tell she enjoys doing and teaching what she does.

Overall, I learned a lot from the lesson, like:

  • bend your knees slightly and align your feet with your nipples in the home-base position.
  • having open elbows are one of the sexiest parts of a dancer’s body language.
  • when you want to move faster you have to make your movements smaller.
  • meditation is a soothing and relaxing way to recover after dancing.

I wanted to express myself through movement and joined kickboxing to increase my core and arm strength. Overall, I’m glad I went to the class because it was a valuable learning experience. Kalia was very insightful and the class increased my confidence in my abilities.

2015-02-28 15.58.30

Belly Dancing and the Beauty Myth

The way that the belly dancing event relates to the beauty myth is by demonstrating body liberation. According to Wolf, the beauty myth is “… actually composed of emotional distance, politics, finance, and sexual repression” (Wolf, p. 13). Belly dancers are encouraged to explore their sexuality and sensuality through movement. However, belly dancing is not just about the sexualization; the dance can be an empowering form of sexual liberation.

Belly dancers tend to be strong, independent, and have a healthy mindset about their bodies. This is detrimental to the beauty myth because the system is dependent on women feeling like they are worth less than they actually are (Wolf, 1991, p. 18). Belly dancers are typically at peace with their bodies and see the dance as an extension of who they are.

Belly dancers aren’t confined to any one size or shape, as Kalia had mentioned, and in this way it challenges conventional beauty standards by showing that anyone can be a belly dancer and feel like they are beautiful/good enough. Kalia is not extremely thin, she is curvaceous and it is obvious that she is confident and appreciates her body and what it can do.

In conclusion, regarding the cult of beauty where a woman is typically considered beautiful if she is thin, undergoes pain, and potentially has surgeries to “fix” herself, Valenti suggests that women stop hating themselves despite impossible beauty standards (Valenti, 2007, p. 212). Kalia has probably taken this type of advice to heart, she doesn’t do yoga and belly dancing solely for the purpose of looking good; she feels good about herself because she is doing what she loves.

belly dancing class


  • Valenti, J., (2007). Full Frontal Feminism A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. Berkeley, CA: Seal Press.
  • Wolf, N., (1991). The Beauty Myth How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women. New York, NY: William Morrow and Company, Inc.

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Sprinkle Lips

sprinkle liips selfie thuy

Want to try a new, sweet look? Try rainbow sprinkle lips. Warning: this look can get a little messy and it’s really hard to resist licking the tasty sprinkles off. Nonpareils rainbow sprinkles are my favorite type and they would work best for trying this look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of sprinkles too!

You’ll need:

  • lip-gloss (any kind will do, the stickier the better)
  • nonpareils rainbow sprinkles
  • 1 plate

It’s really easy! Put sprinkles on a plate, apply a generous amount of lip-gloss on your lips, and place your lips on the plate of sprinkles. Finally, remove the excess sprinkles and you’re ready to go.

Obviously, this look is just for fun and won’t last very long at a party, but enjoy it while it last and at least you have a light snack ;P. This look is lip-smacking good!

💋🍭Use your smile to change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile #qotd #quote #sprinkles #candylips#lipinspo #lipgloss


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