How to Not Let a Midlife Crisis Stop You From Living Your Best Life

Midlife crises are one of those strange phenomena that many people are likely to go through at a certain age, but few are willing to admit or even talk about. However, it’s important not to hide or suppress these troublesome feelings, as they can only do more harm than good. So, here are some helpful tips to overcome this temporary moment of crisis so that it doesn’t prevent you from living your best life. 

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How Mental Health Care Can Unlock a New Career

How is your mental health today? If it’s a question you would rather ignore, you are probably one of the many U.S. adults who feel their mental health needs are not met by healthcare and social support. Indeed, Mental Health America is committed to the promotion of mental health as part of everyday wellness. The increase in depressive disorders since the pandemic has been alarming. 

But, thankfully, not everyone feels powerless. More and more Americans are considering unconventional approaches to support their mental health journey. Of course, medical follow-up is instrumental to your recovery or day-to-day management. However, healthy routines and habits can also help manage mood swings, negative thoughts, and increased stress levels. In other words, while mental health problems have increased during the pandemic, Americans have shown resilience and creativity in their responses. But have you ever considered that your mental health journey could also be beneficial to others? Here are some ideas to turn your mental health passion into a side hustle.

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4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Before it Happens

As a busy person, the chances are that you lean into procrastination more than anybody else. It’s a self destructive behavior, and you have to fight yourself more than you fight anything else. Instead of paying attention to all the hard work that you need to do, you’re paying attention to your social media, or anything else that requires you to work hard. It’s not because you are adverse to working hard, but because you know that relaxation and procrastination often feel better than actually working. It’s very easy to procrastinate and waste your own time – we’ve all been there.

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Keep Going When You Think Your Life Sucks

Are you struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts? I understand what you are dealing with because I was there for five years after graduation and throughout the quarantine, and there are days that I’m thinking to myself that I will never get to my ‘dream life’ but then I have to remember who I am. 

And that is I am the creator of my reality; now I’m reminding you that you’re the creator of your reality. 

Your life does not suck.  You have a period of life-sucking and you got here through your thoughts thinking thoughts that produce sucking life.

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Common Things That Derail Business Success

It’s always a good idea to have an optimistic outlook in life, and especially when it comes to business. If you don’t believe that you’ll be successful, then you’ll find it difficult, or even impossible, to be successful. As the famous saying goes, “whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are correct.” However, while it’s important to maintain a positive outlook, it’s also essential that you’re aware of the things that could potentially derail your business success. If you’re aware of what they are, then you’ll be in a strong position to handle them before they become problems.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most common factors that can cause a business to hit difficult times. 

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