4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Before it Happens

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As a busy person, the chances are that you lean into procrastination more than anybody else. It’s a self destructive behavior, and you have to fight yourself more than you fight anything else. Instead of paying attention to all the hard work that you need to do, you’re paying attention to your social media, or anything else that requires you to work hard. It’s not because you are adverse to working hard, but because you know that relaxation and procrastination often feel better than actually working. It’s very easy to procrastinate and waste your own time – we’ve all been there.

4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Before it Happens

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You have to consider yourself like a website. When you are in your discovery phase, something is building, something excellent is about to happen, but it’s not the part that gets you to the finish line. You know you have to do the work, and you know that the work you do is going to make you better at what you can do in life. But actually getting the energy to put together the work is not easy. Procrastination can feel like a five minute break, but it’s actually the biggest form of self sabotage there is. When you pull yourself away from the things that you are doing to better your life, the only person you’re hurting is yourself and it’s a very difficult habit to get out of. It’s very convenient to change the way that we think of the way that we act but we are shaped by those thoughts and we become what we think – Buddha said that. There are four ways that you can stop procrastinating before it happens.

Stop feeling Obligated

  • Stop feeling obligated. When you’re at work, and you are wasting your time in the kitchen because you really don’t want to go back to your desk. You have to assess whether you’re in the right job. You should be feeling passionate about the thing that makes the money in life, so change the feeling of obligation to one of pleasure. If you hate your job, change your job. Go back to the beginning and choose something else to do in your life. When you focus on discovering the things that you like the most, you won’t feel obliged to study or to learn or to work – you just want to do it for fun, for pleasure, satisfaction.

Be Smart in your Goal Setting

  • Be smart in your goal setting. Fear of failure and personal doubts can stop you from working and foster procrastination. That belief that you’re never going to achieve it so why try is actually going to kill your passion. Make sure that you’re setting goals in a smart way and stop looking at the bigger picture sometimes. Instead of hoping to go back to college, hope to apply! Make your goal smaller but just as wonderful.

Make Sure That You Feel Good Wherever You Are

  • Make sure that you feel good wherever you are. If you’re trying to study at home but you are procrastinating, you’re not in the right environment. Change your environment and you will stop the procrastination before it sets in.

Tidy Your Desk

  • Tidy your desk. Take care of your body, sleep enough hours, and tidy your desk. Change in the way that you think you’re so much more achievable when everything around you is in good order.

What is your Advice to Stop Procrastinating?

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