How Mental Health Care Can Unlock a New Career

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How is your mental health today? If it’s a question you would rather ignore, you are probably one of the many U.S. adults who feel their mental health needs are not met by healthcare and social support. Indeed, Mental Health America is committed to the promotion of mental health as part of everyday wellness. The increase in depressive disorders since the pandemic has been alarming. 

But, thankfully, not everyone feels powerless. More and more Americans are considering unconventional approaches to support their mental health journey. Of course, medical follow-up is instrumental to your recovery or day-to-day management. However, healthy routines and habits can also help manage mood swings, negative thoughts, and increased stress levels. In other words, while mental health problems have increased during the pandemic, Americans have shown resilience and creativity in their responses. But have you ever considered that your mental health journey could also be beneficial to others? Here are some ideas to turn your mental health passion into a side hustle.

How Mental Health Care Can Unlock A New Career

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The power of positive affirmations

Are you the kind of person who loves to use positive affirmations? If you find relief in telling yourself comforting phrases, such as “you’ve got this” or “believe in yourself”, you may even want to bring your affirmations to life. Why not make stickers that spread positivity in your home? A thumb-up sticker on the back of your laptop could remind you to look up for the good things. Add a cute finger heart to your purse to remind yourself to always treat yourself with kindness. A positive vibe sticker side hustle can be a fantastic venture idea to share happy thoughts with your audience!

Learning to relax your mind

Does the mind influence the body, or does the body influence the mind? Yoga and relaxation techniques prove that it is a bi-directional relationship. Indeed, you can reduce your heartbeat through meditation. But you can also find relief through breathing techniques that tackle the body before affecting the mind. Learning yoga has grown dramatically in popularity during and after the pandemic. So, if you use yoga as a stress relief tool to help with anxiety, anger, or even depression, chances are others could benefit from your knowledge. Why not start a yoga practice to share some of your favorite tips? 

Art is good for the soul

Art explores the inner emotions of the soul, the ones you never manage to put into words. Doodling and coloring are some of the preferred art-inspired hobbies. There can be relaxing, but also they bring a sense of pleasure that many other mental health boosting activities fail to do. You could turn your doodles into a coloring book, for instance. Adding colors can help people express their inner fears and emotions.

Similarly, there’s no reason to limit yourself to paper format only. Coloring apps are equally popular and effective. You don’t need to be a trained painter or designer to turn your art into a mood-enhancing hobby that will bring joy to people. 

Some of your favorite mental health coping strategies can bring comfort to others too. Why not bring your mental health journey to life with a side hustle venture that makes money while spreading goodness in the world?   

What are your tips for turning your mental health into a career?

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