Wellness Wednesday: How to Keep Going When You Think Your Life Sucks

Are you struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts? I understand what you are dealing with because I was there for five years after graduation and throughout the quarantine, and there are days that I’m thinking to myself that I will never get to my ‘dream life’ but then I have to remember who I am. 

And that is I am the creator of my reality; now I’m reminding you that you’re the creator of your reality. 

Your life does not suck.  You have a period of life-sucking and you got here through your thoughts thinking thoughts that produce sucking life.

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How to Lose Belly Fat After Giving Birth: 4 Effective Tips

After birth, you expect your belly to deflate back to its normal size, but such change doesn’t happen as quickly as you may imagine. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks for your womb to contract the way it was pre-pregnancy. Sometimes, it may take longer, especially if you have elastic skin.

However, this shouldn’t make you worried. With some effective tips, you can lose that pesky belly fat sooner than anticipated and go back to slaying in those beautiful well-fitted gowns. 

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The Complete Guide to Curing Sinus Infections

Sinusitis (sinus infection) is a common condition that can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Symptoms of sinusitis include painful headaches, facial pain, and pressure, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, postnasal drip, fever, cough, and fatigue.

It often begins with a cold, or other upper respiratory infection. The symptoms are a congested nose, a headache, and pain in the face.

The symptoms of sinusitis are similar to those of a sinus infection, but they occur on both sides of the nose and can last for weeks or months. Allergies or colds left untreated for too long can cause Sinusitis.

When this happens, it can lead to more serious problems such as a full-blown bacterial infection that may require surgery.

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How to Get Back into Shape After Having a Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding body changes you can go through because of the bundle of joy that comes after. But it also comes with baby weight due to hormonal and physical changes to accommodate the baby. Losing this weight while still recovering from childbirth can prove quite a daunting task. However, we have compiled some pointers that can get you on your way to that pre-baby body in no time. Here’s how to get back into shape after having a baby.

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How To Achieve Well-Being In Stressful Times

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the scenario of the world entirely. Besides the virus itself, people continue to struggle with many other health issues due to stress. Feeling overwhelmed in the lockdown situation had been general for all. The silver lining is that everyone realizes the importance of physical and mental well-being today. But still, many are juggling to learn the right approach to achieve well-being in these stressful times. Here are some tips to help you imbibe well-being in your life.

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