What You Need to Consider Before Making Your Own Clothes

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Making your own clothes isn’t really anything new; in fact, massed produced clothes are still a fairly newer concept that’s been around for about a century. You used to have to hire a seamstress to make something tailored specifically for your body, or else you’d have to do it yourself. Chances are, your grandparents probably had to make their own clothes or their parents did it for them. 
Nowadays, making your own clothes is seen as a talent rather than a staple. Since everything is so massed-produced, it’s considered such a major luxury since you’d be making something brand new that’s only meant for you. But with that said, it’s not always that easy. Sure, while there are plenty of patterns and tutorials online, there are some things that you’ll still need to consider. So, here is everything you need to know before you start making your own clothes.

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The Fabric Counts

This is pretty obvious, but even when it comes to making your own clothing, you’re going to want to select high-quality fabric. Just as the fabric can make a difference for the clothes you’re buying, it’s going to make a difference for the clothes you’re making too. Sure, some fabrics are more expensive, such as linen, and some can be challenging to even sew, but at the end of the day, the fabric counts. It’s actually going to be that very thing that helps separate the clothing that you made from love from those clothes that were mass-produced by underpaid workers. So be sure to keep a close eye on the fabric and design of it.

How You Sew Matters Greatly

For the most part, sewing can be done effortlessly, especially when it comes to a sewing machine rather than by hand. But how you sew, such as the stitching, is going to make such a major impact too, when making your clothes. A sewing machine is one of the most important innovations in garments and textiles as it facilitates neater, stronger, and quicker sewing than hand stitching. It also helps in creating uniform stitches and precise seams. 
Honestly, you’ll be getting clothes done in a fraction of the time just by getting a sewing machine. Do yourself a favor and invest in one before you start making your own clothes. You don’t even need a fancy one. Just a simple one from a thrift shop can help a lot too.

You’ll Need Patterns

Unless you only plan to make tube tops and circle skirts, you’ll always need patterns. That’s basically how anyone is able to make most clothes; it’s all in patterns. Patterns are so common that they used to be sold in stores. In fact, patterns to this day are still sold on webshops like Etsy. You can even find some for free online; some YouTubers will even give them out on their tutorials. You just need to remember that not all patterns are created equally, and some are going to be far more challenging than others. Just be sure to look for simplistic ones when you start out your journey of making your own clothes. 

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